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How do I add my card to Google Pay?
How do I add my card to Google Pay?
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You can add your card on Google Wallet (Google Pay), with one of the following two ways:

A. Add your card from the App:

1. From the app on your Device, choose the card you want to add on Google Wallet and press the “Add to GPay” button.

2. You will receive an OTP code on your registered mobile number, in order to approve this action.

3. Next you will have to follow the instructions on the screen and select add and continue.

4. Select agree with terms and conditions.

5. will confirm your details. Once your card is ready for use, you will receive a relevant message that the card has been added to the Wallet and is ready for Tap to Pay transactions.

In the Google Wallet (Google Pay) app, you will see the card you just added in the available cards.

B. Add your Card directly from Google Wallet App (Google Pay):

From your Android device:

1. Open the Google Wallet App:

2. At the bottom, tap “Add to Wallet+”.

3. Tap "Payment card".

(Any cards you saved to your Google Account are shown here.)

4. Tap "New credit or debit card".

(To add a card, use your camera or tap Enter details manually.)

5. At the bottom, tap Save.

6. Read the Issuer Terms and tap Accept.

7. If you’re asked to verify your payment method, choose an option from the list.

After this step, you should get a message that your card was added and is ready to make contactless payments (wherever Google Pay payment method is accepted).

For more information about Google Wallet (Google Pay) set up on your device, click here.

Are my card details secure in Google Pay transactions?

When you use the Google Pay app, your card number is never shared by Google to merchants, so your personal details are secure.

Visit Google Pay Help for any questions or contact us via our live chat.

I have added more than one cards on Google Pay. How do I choose the card I want to charge?

The first card added to Google Pay is the default card used for transactions.

If you want to change your default card, follow the link steps.

How do I know if my device is NFC enabled?

To enable NFC on your Android device:

  • Open Settings on your smartphone

  • Type “NFC” in the search settings

  • Tap and turn on NFC

How do I make my card my Google Pay default card?

The first card that you add to your Google Pay app automatically becomes the default card. To change your default card:

  • Open the Google Pay App.

  • Find and select your debit card.

  • Select the 3 dots at the top right-hand side.

  • Tap “Default for contactless”.

For all countries, including those that do not yet support Google Pay, you can set up your Digital Debit Card as your default Google Pay card through Google Pay Service (Settings-> Google-> Account Services- > Google Pay).

If my Card is damaged, can I still use Google Pay on my device?

Yes, your card will still be active in the Google Pay app, even if your physical card is damaged.

Can I add my digital card in Google Pay?

Once you create your digital card you can add it to Google Pay, follow the steps described here.

What happens when I replace or update my device?

When replacing or updating your Android device, you will need to add your cards to Google Pay again.

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