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How can I order a employee debit card?
How can I order a employee debit card?
Updated over a week ago employee debit card orders can be placed only if you are the account administrator or a designated user who has been assigned card management privileges.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account to display your dashboard.

  2. Click on the Order button below the image of the debit card:

The card ordering page is displayed.

3. Select the name of the employee who will receive the card or add the user to the list by clicking the "Add User" button.

4. Choose the delivery address of the card or add a new address to the list by clicking the "Add Address" button. Then click the "Order" button.

The card selection page is displayed.

5. Choose the delivery method (express courier delivery for £9,99) and you will be asked to enter your mobile phone in the required field. A physical card will be charged at a monthly fee of £2.99 from 1st April 2024 for new users.

The envelope preview page is displayed.

6. Review the address information and click on Submit Order.
A message is displayed confirming your order.

Alternatively, you can order an Employee card within your account by selecting:

From the main menu select Cards and then Order.

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