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Accepting Payments | Terminal
How do I activate the | Terminal?
How do I activate the | Terminal?
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How can I accept payments on my phone?

In this article, you will find all the necessary information you need to activate the | Terminal on your Android Mobile device.

There are two ways to activate | Terminal on your Mobile device:

A. Log into your | Account

Activation Steps

  1. Choose the first option "Activate with a | Account"

  2. Enter your registered mobile number

  3. Type the 6-digit code (OTP), received in your enrolled mobile device

  4. Setup your device (Connect a Mini Card Reader, activate MOTO or QR code functionalities and configure device permissions)

Sign in
Log in

B. Use an activation code

  1. Choose the second option "Activate with a code or app"

  2. Note the code shown on the mobile's screen

  3. Link | Terminal with your | Account.

Activate with a device code

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