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How can I open  a Business Account?
How can I open  a Business Account?
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How can I open a business account?

You can easily and quickly open a business account as a business owner.

Visit and select "Create an Account" If you want to create your | Account for business use.

You will be asked to:

  • Fill in your E-mail and business name

  • Select the industry to which your business belongs

  • Indicate your company's head office

  • Enter your company's website (if available)

  • Select the annual turnover of your business and the number of employees you employ

  • Enter your mobile phone number and your name

You will then receive a notification to the E-mail you have provided to continue the registration process.

1. Create Account Credentials

  • We will ask you to create your login details (enter your details and create your password).

  • Verify your phone by entering the OTP password you received in your mobile number.

2. Business Details & Account Payout

  • Fill in your business details (Country, Business Type, Business Type, General Tax Identification Number, Business Tax Identification Number, and Monthly Transaction Amount).

  • Indicate if you are the legal representative of the business.

  • Choose to create a business account in the payment details: Business Account.

3. Personal & Business Information

  • Login to your account.

  • Start the process of entering your data: father's name, date of birth, place, and country of birth, and home address.

  • Enter your VAT number.

  • Confirm the financial and transactional information of your Business (Annual Amount of Incoming/Outgoing Remittances etc.)

  • Enter the date of incorporation, the address of your Business, and its financial information.

  • Fill in the necessary beneficial owner details (if any).

I already have a business | Account. How can I create another one?

If you wish to open an additional business account, you will need to do the following:

  1. Log in using your credentials.

  2. Press the Create Merchant Account button.

I cannot complete the registration process. What can I do?

If you are experiencing issues with your account setup, you need to submit your request to our Customer Support Team.

Can I create a | Account as a CBD customer?

You may visit the Terms & Conditions of our website and see which are the acceptable and non-acceptable clients who can create a business account.

Do you support accounts in different currencies?

Your business account has the local currency of the country where your business is registered. The payments that you receive are automatically converted to your local currency.

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