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How to submit a complaint | UK
How to submit a complaint | UK
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Our goal is to provide great products and outstanding service however, we are aware that issues may occasionally arise. If you have any cause for a complaint, we will do everything we can to set things right as soon as you contact us.

How can I contact to submit a Complaint

You may contact our Customer Service Team through:

  1. Live Chat

  2. Phone

  3. Email

  4. By Post

Regardless of how you choose to contact us with your complaint we will give it our full attention and be dedicated to finding a solution for you.

1. Live Chat

You can chat with us to submit a complaint at any time by logging into your account via the App or a browser and selecting the "Chat with us" button. You’ll get a notification in the app or online when we reply. Our chat service is secure and easy to use – and our team is available 24/7.

2. Other ways to get in touch

Response to a complaint

Once you’ve submitted a complaint, we'll:

  • send you a confirmation email within 24 hours

  • give you a unique case number so we can find your record quickly

  • contact you via writing (chat, email, or post) to provide our final response with our findings, plan, and decision.

Our fundamental tenet involves conducting a fair and comprehensive assessment of all client grievances, following the process established and executed by

We guarantee that we will strive to expedite the resolution of your situation as swiftly as possible, and within the time constraints set forth by the applicable country legislation, from the complaint receipt. In exceptional cases, if a final response cannot be given within the above deadline, for reasons beyond our control, a provisional answer shall be sent to you stating the reasons for such delay and setting a deadline within which you shall receive the final response.

For more information regarding the time limits of the complaint handling process and any out-of-court resolution authorities, please visit the relevant country and choose the Submit a Complaint page.

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