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Why can't I make transactions with my card?
Why can't I make transactions with my card?
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When you use your card to make purchases either in physical stores or online, make sure that there is an available balance in your Primary account and that your card has not expired.

To find the available balance on your Primary account after you log in, go to the menu Accounts > Primary > Available Balance.

Also, make sure that your account is fully authenticated and that there are no pending authentication issues from Settings > Profile.

If you are asked for your PIN, make sure you enter it correctly. You can view the card's PIN in application at Dashboard > Details > Show PIN.  

Then make sure that your card is activated and not locked or canceled.

If you are making an online purchase, make sure you "Approve" the request by opening the app on your mobile phone with either a fingerprint, Face ID or PIN. 

Finally, make sure you enter all the digits of the card correctly, as well as the CVC and the expiration date. You can find your card details in Dashboard > Details > Show Card Details.

In case the issue persists, make sure to check your inbox for any important communication received and contact one of our representatives for further assistance if needed.

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